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Welcome to our referral program called the Bannermen League. It is a system of financial rewards created to incentivize our users for recommending and signing up their friends and social circles on the Storehouse app using their referral code.

We believe every user is a hype man, and we have always wanted to create a product that gives back to those that care about the problem we solve, and would see us grow to cover more territories.

The vision behind our referral program is for it to be a profitable, dependable, and secure stream of income to anyone that would take their financial freedom seriously. Here in the Bannermen League, your referral is known as an asset and that's because we designed your referrals to generate passive income for life.

I know you may have heard of network marketing, and probably have tried it in the past or someone you know tried it and it didn't gel or you are probably doing great in one( I congratulate you).

For those that have sucked at it, I apologize for the bitter taste. Some in our team have been involved with network marketing in the past and some did great and others sucked at it. We have carefully studied the cons of the MLM model and have tweaked ours to give only the best experience. We have a great product that solves a problem everyone has(easy to recommend), free entry( no financial risk), rewards every effort, fat compensation plan, pays that compensation for life, you can combine it with another MLM, and our tech makes it just cool to use. Those are some of the great features of our multi-level marketing structure that we offer. And after considering the state of the fragile economy in the post COVID-19 world we couldn't come up with a better model to withstand any recession or depression. Even renowned businessmen like Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki in their book, "Business of the 21st century" recommend network marketing as a solution to building a great personal business that can generate passive income and let you enjoy other passions like family, friends, vacations and voluntary endeavors without worrying over money.

So from the undergraduate trying to pay his or her way through school, to the fresh graduate recently plunged into an uncertain labour market, to that employee that works without commensurate pay and wants a side hustle to make up, to that daring individual willing to do this full time, we are dependable and you can bank your finances on us.

Welcome to the Storehouse Bannermen League!

Ani. Undomiel

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