About Us

Storehouse is an inventory management and book keeping app for inventory dependent businesses.

Our key differentiators from the traditional cumbersome desktop software found in big malls and supermarkets is the sleekness and portability of those inventory planning features in hand, on a mobile phone which is space friendly. The easy of use and quick understanding of the app is craved by all business owners who aren't very tech savvy or have an accounting background. And with carefully consideration of our users, the subscription fee affordability of the app makes it also a great substitution to the needlessly expensive desktop software along with the added cost of buying a computer system, providing it with constant power and maintenance.

All these key propositions make the Storehouse app a perfect go-to for the African MSME who values an efficient time saver.

Our Story

We are a fintech startup located in Uyo, a growing and attractive hub for technology and innovation. After interning at the largest retail supermarket chain in Akwa Ibom, and coming from backgrounds where their moms ran a grocery retail outlet, our founding team realized the dire need for MSMEs that can't afford a computer system with an inventory management software to have an automated inventory tool that meets the need to help keep records efficiently & take stock which is labour intensive & time consuming leading to negligence from the business owner and an opportunity for employee theft to go long undetected which is the leading cause of business failure in Nigeria & Africa at large.

Believing that technology is the bane of corruption, we set out to digitize and replicate practical inventory management features that gives you management results only obtained by big businesses easily from the comfort of your mobile phone.
That's why we stand for the 3 E's, easy use, easy setup & easy fees.


To digitize Africa.


To digitize the financial and sales operations of MSMEs.

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