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Storehouse is an inventory management and book keeping app for inventory dependent businesses.

About Us

Storehouse is an inventory management solution for Wholesale and retail businesses of all stores, both individual and corporate. It includes, digital records, auto stock taking, low stock reminder, daily sales/ profit reports, fast sales transactions, data backup/recovery, and a real-time employee activity monitor & accountability feature to safe guard against employee theft. It is a light weight app as it takes up little memory space and can be used offline perfectly with an included data backup/recovery process to secure your data against losses. A perfect blend for Africa's developing economy.


Inventory management/auto stock taking

Storehouse is designed for inventory dependent businesses of all kinds, from supermarkets, wholesale & retail chains, clothing and boutique, building materials, cell phone & accessories, household wares, and interior decoration, etc. You can add your inventory on the app as you buy them, auto take stock as you make sales and reminds you to restock on low items. No more labour intensive stock counting.

Fast sales transactions

Make lightening speed sales by scanning the barcode of an item or type searching the name and adding it to create a customer's list with an option to credit sale and print receipt via bluetooth or wi-fi on a thermal printer.

Daily sales/profit report

Get daily business summary report on total sales, profit realised, and no. of items sold across multiple branches and from all your employees in real time.

Employee activity monitor

We know employee theft is the greatest cause of business failure. We included a way of getting your business summary in total sales, profit and number of items sold from your employees across all your branches wherever you are, keeping you in firm grip of the happenings of your business in your absence as you give and revoke various responsibilities to your employees from the comfort of your phone.

Fast and easy theft detection

Since all inventory is entered into your app and sold from the app, any sale outside the app which won't be recorded is easily detected when the inventory is at low point. The record in the app and the reality in the store would contrast, leading to an early detection.

Why Become a Housemate?


We're sure you don't want to stay up late at night balancing your sales ledgers or counting stock. You would rather free up time and spend your nights after close of business doing what you love while seeing automated stock and sales reports across all branches, and your total profits calculated for you at the end of each business day from your mobile phone.

Business Analysis

Say NO to doing business blindly.
Our daily business summary reports help you to know the health of your business and track cashflow. You can know what to spend or save without eating into your capital. You would be on top of your game, having your numbers at your fingertips literally gives you that edge.

Protect Your Records

With Storehouse your digital records are always safe forever. Don't worry about your life long invoices, ledgers or books manipulated, missing, stolen or getting soiled or damaged.
Our cloud backup and recovery can easily store all your inventory data and business records automatically once your internet is on with as little data as possible. And in the case of a missing device, you sync them back into your new device. No more village people.

Credit Facilities

With our app, your records can be organized to help you obtain loans and plot a repayment plan. Banks likely give loans to businesses that keep records and can prove they are healthy enough to pay back.

Know What's up

We get that you would want to know what is going on in your business when you are absent, so we took care of that too with our employee accountability features that sends reports of your employees activities in sales, inventory additions and any other activities you permit them to do in your absence as they use the app at point of sale.

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